Julia Ewart : Suffolk Coastal

Who is Julia Ewart?

A strong performer
Local district champion
Experienced campaigner
Suffolk Coastal Parliamentary Candidate 2019

“Julia Ewart is a strong grass-roots activist who came to mainstream politics to ensure that much more was done for the community she supports.”

julia ewart

Julia’s CV

  • Active Lib Dem Activist and By-Election Campaigner
  • East Suffolk Council – District Councillor, May 2023, Vice Cabinet – ESC Community Health, Vice Chair – ESC North Planning Committee North
  • Member of LD European Group – Attending Berlin 2023 Edu-tour
  • Green Lib Dem Team, COP26 attendee Glasgow 2021
  • General Election Candidate 2019
  • EU Election Candidate 2019
  • MBA – UEA (2014)
  • Owner/Managing Director of SME Interior Design Co with outreach & apprentice schemes
  • SRN, Nightingale Nurse, St Thomas’ Hospital, London
Julia's values


I recognize the significance of taking action both domestically and globally to foster ecologically sustainable methods of production and consumption

This as well as living in symbiosis with the natural world. I deeply appreciate the importance of promoting and practicing environmentally friendly approaches in our day-to-day lives and on a broader scale.

Julia Ewart environmentalism


I believe in the right of individuals to make their own decisions about how they live their lives, as long as they do not cause harm to others.

My aim is to empower and support individuals to pursue their dreams, to make the most of their talents and to live their lives as they wish, as one of the key values of being a Liberal Democrat.

julia ewart liberty


I stand by the idea that without equality, true liberty cannot be realised.

This requires an active state to: ensure that no one is held back by poverty, poor health, or discrimination, including on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs; provide access to education or training, and other public services, including a welfare safety net; and guarantee that everyone enjoys equality before the law.

julia ewart equality


I understand that through democracy, every citizen is empowered to make their voice heard

Without being dominated by entrenched interests or the power of money; checks and balances, so that those in power cannot abuse their positions for personal gain or political advantage; and a plurality of views, where no individual or organisation is deterred from speaking truth to power.

julia ewart democracy


I believe it is important to provide support for a diverse range of organisations

This enables individuals to join together in the pursuit of common goals or activities; and the decentralisation of political and economic power to local government and the nations and regions of the UK.

Human Rights

Upholding these values of individual and social justice, I reject all prejudice and discrimination

Discrimination based upon race, ethnicity, caste, heritage, class, religion or belief, age, disability, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation and oppose all forms of entrenched privilege and inequality.

julia ewart human rights


I support a fairer and more equal, tolerant and connected world and collaboration with the UK’s neighbours

This including, ultimately, rejoining the EU – in guaranteeing peace and security, tackling the climate and nature emergencies, standing up to corporate power and spreading prosperity around the world.

Julia Ewart Internationalism

The content on this page was drawn from policy paper 142 “What Liberal Democrats Believe” as passed by Liberal Democrat members at our Autumn 2021 conference
Images courtesy of the Liberal Democrats Party