Chris Thomas takes up dentistry crisis

Carlton Colville campaigner has written to Steve Barclay MP, the minister for health and social care explaining the in dentistry here in Carlton Colville and the wider Lowestoft, requesting he let us know his plan to rescue the dentist service in Lowestoft and Carlton Colville. Once he has replied, Chris will share his reply here with you all.

28 Dec 2022
closed stations

Police Station Counters

A key message from my campaign in the PCC election is that the police need to be visible and accessible to the public.

15 Apr 2021

Make Votes Matter meets Prof John Curtice

MVM meets Prof. John Curtice Make Votes Matter are delighted to announce that renowned pollster and election expert Prof. John Curtice will be joining us to discuss the 2019 General Election and what it means for electoral reform. Every General Election, many of us wait with baited breath for 10pm and the release of the exit poll forecast from Prof. Curtice and his team. If you'd like to hear first-hand what he thinks about General Election 2019 and to ask him your questions, then join us on Thursday, 25 March at 6.30pm. Register here.

14 Mar 2021